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Contract Build

In addition to residential new build we also provide contract build services to clients and private individuals. These projects can range from small developments through to large-scale refurbishment projects and extensions in and around Oxfordshire.

We act on behalf of clients, contractors and sub-contractors providing advice from initial project conception to completion. Following completion we offer warranty inspections and manage any post-completion works required. 

Specification & Planning

Our specification and planning service provides clients with technical advice on methods, materials, labor and project planning to produce a fit for purpose build, in the required timeframe, and within the allocated budget.

The final product in the eyes of a designer is key to the success of a project, but design should not supercede durability. We provide advice on the implications of materials for form, function, durability, budget and performance against any criteria. Our advice services provide expertise in concrete, metals, glass, stone, brick, timber and composites as well as in construction, manufacturing processes and product design.

Method and risk assessment is an integral part of the project management plan. Our risk assesment service identifies and establishes the probability, the impact, and the effect of every known risk on the project, as well as the corrective actions required. Method assessment allows us to plan for all contingencies to ensure that risk factors are accounted for and accommodated within the initial project budget.

We are able to source expert sub-contractors and acquire quotations for required works according to the project plan. Through years' experience throughout the UK we have an excellent database of contractors with specific expertise in a variety of sectors. Our ability to precisely quantify what is required and our relationships allow us to secure the best possible proces for our clients.

On Site Project Management

Using the project plan we offer on-site project management to coordinate contractors on a build. This service includes labor and timescale management as well as real-time troubleshooting and solutions to keep to the set build deadline.

Our pragmatic approach to on-site management allows us to clearly communicate your design effectively between project financiers, sub-contractors and technical experts. This ability to translate technical information allows our clients to focus on the end-product with the knowledge that their design is being implemented as agreed. Clear insight gives you the competitive edge.

To ensure that a project is completed on-time and within budget exceptional sub-contractor management is crucial. In the same way that a conductor approaches his orchestra we must clearly coordinate our project plan and ensure that each trade is working to the required schedule. Clear sub-contractor management prevents problems occuring and can significantly reduce disputes at  a later stage.

With all the planning in the world, and the best team of sub-contractors there are always real-time issues with large scale projects. Our real-time troubleshooting allows us to identify potential risks and problems proactively and to resolve them as quickly as possible. By using proactive management we are able to reduce the impact of delays, additional costs or disputes which may occur.

More Information

We are happy to assist in the design and build of contracts with a value from £500,000 all the way through to several million. If you would like further information on how we can help you please contact us by email with a brief overview of the project at and one of our commercial team will be in touch with you.