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Charitable Funds

Recognising the need for local businesses to support local charities Accueil are delighted to support the Oxford Children's Hospital.

Oxford Hospitals Charity supports the different children's departments and wards of Oxford University Hospitals, helping to provide the best medical equipment, research and facilities for their patients. Charitable support helps to transform care across many hospitals including The John Radcliffe, Churchill, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford Eye Hospital, Oxford Women's Centre, Horton General and Oxford Children's Hospital caring for the 750,000 children and their families treated every year.

The charity is very close to the hearts of several of our team members and Rachel Payne and Rebecca Clark have supported the charity since both of their sons were critically ill and treated in the John Radcliffe Hospital. Rachel and Ashley's son Ralph was unresponsive at birth and needed to be resuscitated repeatedly before being transferred to the SCBU intensive care unit for treatment.

Rebecca's son Remy was rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital in July 2014 and later diagnosed with potentially fatal meningitis and sepsis. After months of intensive care treatment, physiotherapy and homecare he now has a clean bill of health.

"Without the support of the hospital Ralph and Remy would simply not be here with us today." says Rachel. "If you have a child, are pregnant or even just planning on having a baby you simply do not know when you might need the help of the hospitals. That is why we as parents and as a community should be committed to raising funds in support of such an important local resource.

For the last two years Accueil have sponsored Team Remy and Ralph for the OX5 run at Blenheim Palace. In 2017 we will be officially teaming up with Team Beth's Bees celebrate 10 years of the funds existence. Rachel, Rebecca and Julia from Beth's Bees will embark on a mission to race 52 miles, one for every week of the year, in a number of events culminating in the Oxford Half Marathon. They will be joined by other members of the Accueil team as well as friends and family along the way for different races with the target of raising £10,000 in 2017.

Information on how to donate to the team will be released in early 2017 and you can follow our progress in both our news section and on our Facebook page

We are also hoping to inspire other businesses to join us in fundraising for such a worthy local charity. For more information on how you can help fundraise please contact Penny Hambridge at Oxford Hospitals Charity by email at